-  P  R  I  N  T  M  A  K  E  R    &   P O E T -

Published Works


Rattle: "The Accordion"

Rust & Moth: A Clearing

Orange Blossom Review: “Sea Glass and Agate

Journal of Undiscovered Poets: “Insomnia

FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art: "Patron Saint of Trains"

Emerge Literary Journal: "A Kiss by the River"

Emerge Literary Journal: "Bar of Soap"

California Quarterly: “Lessons of the Pomegranate”

California Quarterly: "Unbridled”

San Diego Poetry Annual: “Where All the Old Dogs Go”

Under the Radar: “Nostalgia Only Floats on Fat”

San Pedro River Review: “She Asked, Did You Pray Today

Door is a Jar Magazine (forthcoming, Fall 2023): “Small as a Figure in a Hudson River School Painting”

Door is a Jar Magazine (forthcoming, Fall 2023): “How the Black Hole Sings”

Poetry South (forthcoming, Fall 2023): “Assemblage”

Poetry South (forthcoming, Fall 2023): “Always Perfectly Nice”