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Tammy Greenwood headshot

Kellogg Art Gallery in Pomona, California. She most recently had her first solo show at Bunny Gunner gallery in Claremont, California and was invited to be a member of a guest artist panel discussion at The Riverside Art Museum. She is currently working on a new series in preparation for a show in her home state of Louisiana.

She resides with her husband, and two cattle dogs in the hills of Temecula California where she continues her work in her home studio.

“The richness of Louisiana culture and ritual is a wonderful visual playground for any artist. The melding of cultures, religious iconography, and storytelling is a constant source of inspiration. It is through this cross culture inspiration of African American, Spanish, and French folklore that allows me to breath new life into these myths, awakening the subconscious to begin its process of healing and renewal.”   -  Tammy Greenwood

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Southern California artist, Tammy Greenwood’s work encompasses the heavy influence of her deep Southern, Catholic roots.

Graduating with highest honors from Cal State San Bernardino she earned her BA in Studio Art studying printmaking, sculpture, and painting. Introduced to the many mediums through a Studio Art degree, she considers herself a printmaker and sculptor, moving between two-dimensional and three-dimensional realms. Her Southern, Catholic upbringing becomes apparent in her use of iconic subject matter. The works are richly woven in symbolism with an expressive palette, which reflect personal subjects of infertility, life, death, and immortality. It is through a feminine connection to this universal consciousness that awakens images of fertility, and delves into suppressed emotional wounds, or deaths that opens the possibility of healing and rebirth.

“It is through the process of combining printmaking techniques, such as monotype and linocut, that allows me to bring the imagery together in one cohesive life force, in an attempt to draw the viewer into an experience of unearthing a personal primordial recollection, just as an archeologist may try to decipher an ancient hieroglyph."

Since graduating from California State University, San Bernardino, her work has been shown in art centers and galleries in Claremont, Fallbrook, Los Angeles, Ontario, Orange County, Pomona Art District, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Temecula, and is held in private collections.  The year of graduation she was juried in to the prestigious “Ink & Clay” show at the